The Tsunami Museum is of course a new attraction place in Aceh, located at Jl. Jendral Sudirman, near Blang Padang & Kerckhoff. It was officially opened in February 2009. But in December 2010 we found it closed for improvements. So we can only show some pictures of the building from the outside. I was there when I work as a tour guide at the museum, not only me but also some of my friends passed the test for being tour guides at that time. It was so special because my friends & I were the persons who had the first chance to see all the parts of the museum. This is the first test for being tour guide that was opened by Department of Culture and Tourism of Aceh Province. We were so lucky to pass the test and involved as the part in that event “PEKAN KEBUDAYAAN ACEH” or it’s called ACEH CULTURAL EXHIBITION. Continue reading