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Pucok Krueng Aceh Besar

DSC04126On Tuesday, 29th January 2013, my cousins & I made track on the rainy day to the spot we’ve never known about before; never touched the spot though been living more than 15 years in Banda aceh. It is located in Lhok Nga; about 2 or 3 kilometres behind Lafarge Cement Factory. We left at 11 pm by motorbike on that day. We headed through narrow, wallow and bumpy road to reach the spot with full beautiful rice field landscape along the way. View full article »


IBU (Selamat Hari Ibu)


Mereka bilang hari ini hari mu

Hari dimana mereka mengingat akan jasamu, pengorbananmu

Mereka menciptakan puisi-puisi  indah untuk mengenang pengabdianmu

Menangis, meratap setiap kesalahan masa lalu mereka

Ibu, tapi itu tidak bagiku

Harimu bukan hanya hari ini, bukan dulu, bahkan bukan nanti

Aku mengenangmu, mengingatmu juga bukan hanya hari ini

Jauh sebelum aku mampu berucap, sebelum aku mengenal dunia

Bagiku, harimu berawal sejak engkau menempahku menjadi manusia harapanmu View full article »

Tsunami Museum

The Tsunami Museum is of course a new attraction place in Aceh, located at Jl. Jendral Sudirman, near Blang Padang & Kerckhoff. It was officially opened in February 2009. But in December 2010 we found it closed for improvements. So we can only show some pictures of the building from the outside. I was there when I work as a tour guide at the museum, not only me but also some of my friends passed the test for being tour guides at that time. It was so special because my friends & I were the persons who had the first chance to see all the parts of the museum. This is the first test for being tour guide that was opened by Department of Culture and Tourism of Aceh Province. We were so lucky to pass the test and involved as the part in that event “PEKAN KEBUDAYAAN ACEH” or it’s called ACEH CULTURAL EXHIBITION. View full article »

The Hillside Mata Ie (Water Park)

Hi folks, you know for sure that I’ve posted some information concerns about the natural tourism in Aceh that I’ve ever visited with mates & family. Maybe you seem a little bit bored. Now I would share & inform you about one of the spot that is suitable for your weekend with your mates & family, this is Hillside, It’s located in Mata Ie. It’s a new recreation place which was built by a local businessman on a mountain in Mata Ie, Aceh Besar. This place is also strategic and far from noisy scene. It’s really comfortable, quiet & even cold.

The Mata Hillside has some facilities such as swimming pool; it’s built for adults and children, flying fox; you may use this one to challenge your adrenaline. Besides the both facilities, View full article »

Ulee Lheue Beach

Ulee Lheue is a shore line facing the Malacca straits; when the tsunami hit Banda Aceh on 26 December, 2004, the beach line and the village nearby were severely damaged and submerged by a more than 15 m high wave. Now the local government has built a new seaport at Ulee Lheue, and if you have plans to visit Sabang and Weh Island, you can take a Ro-Ro ferry or speed boat from Ulee Lheue. Ulee Lheue beach has still kept its enchanting beauty, and almost every day people come to this place to enjoy the blue horizon of sky and sea, to see a beautiful sunset in the eve, or to enjoy the beach at night on the weekend. View full article »

Lhok Mata Ie

Lhok mata ie is one of the most beautiful spot I’ve ever visited in Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar. It’s located in Peukan Bada, about 12 km from down town Banda Aceh. It takes 30 minutes to reach the spot by riding motorbike or it may also rent the public transportation. I went there with my mates. Then we have to climb the hill for 30 minutes then we reach the spot; the small beach with the coral reef. Unfortunately, the coral is broken by Tsunami in 2004. Actually there are two ways heading to Lhok Mata Ie. The First way is as we did; you may ride your own motorbike or rent the public transportation like labi-labi or Damri.Both are View full article »

LhokNga Beach

Lhok Nga Beach is located on the west coast of Aceh on the tip of Sumatra Island. It is exactly located at Lhoknga subdistrict, Aceh Besar District. Its location is close to the Lampuuk beach. Lhok Nga Beach is one of the attractions that most visited, especially on Sundays. From the beach, looks an Andalas cement factory that had suffered severe damage due to exposure to Tsunami waves. Near the cement factory, there are Limestone Mountains, which lime is used as the main raw material for cement production. View full article »

Lampuuk Beach is located in Lhok Nga, Aceh Besar, 20 km from Banda Aceh and it just takes 15 minute to be on the spot. It has become a favorite attraction for ages. It is very beautiful beach with white sand. On the beach, tourists can swim, sunbathing, fishing, sailing, surfing, diving and other recreational activities. In the area of ​​the beach there Seulawah Golf Course.

In the arvo, the beach is also more beautiful and full of charm. Visitors can watch the beautiful sunset. Along the beach, there are so many small huts for taking a rest and having some foods. View full article »

Inong Balee Fortress

408 years ago in this fort, Admiral Malahayati with a fleet of warships and 2000 personnel. The squad was named Inong Balee. The squad won the war against the Ducth troops led by Cornelis de Houtman.

This fort is located in Lamreh, Mesjid Raya Sub-District, Aceh Besar. It’s about 35 km from downtown Banda Aceh. The fort is situated on a steep cliff of about 10 m high, a well-chosen location overlooking the bay of Malahayati harbor. The remaining fortifications consist of nothing View full article »

Beurayeun Barrage

I visited this place “Berayeun Barrage” on my weekend with my friends. Actually I came to this place more than twice. Berayeun barrage is one of the attractions in the form of simple dam to irrigate rice field in the surrounding village. This place is visited everyday by people from Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh.

This attraction is located in Leupung, Aceh Besar. It’s about 25-30 km from Banda Aceh, exactly in front the Police Station of Leupung, we just turn left down the small and narrow path. As I know this place is not well-organized and well-managed. It is View full article »